Fifty is the New Fifty



So excited to announce has run my article on Safe Sex For Lesbians! Check it our and know your options.


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Review from 14 Karat Living!

Thank you to Liz Gold, from Rhino Girl Media, for her review on 14 KARAT LIVING of IN HEAT: IS SHE HOT UNDER HER COLLAR OR UNDER HER SKIRT? She’s right! It’s not too late to feel the heat at FringeNYC!

Liz, you’re in line for some serious sexy hugs!


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An Oldie but Goodie!

Folks – I have two more performances left of my show IN HEAT in the New York Fringe International Theatre Festival: This Wednesday, August 22 @ 7:45 p.m. and Saturday, August 25 @ 2:00 p.m.!

Read this oldie but goodie review from, and vist for current reviews, ticket info and other helpful details to get you off your couch and out on the town!

Sexy hugs,


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Kathleen Warnock Makes me Blush!

Kathleen Warnock said the nicest things about my show, IN HEAT: IS SHE HOT UNDER HER COLLAR OR UNDER HER SKIRT? that I am running out of the Gene Frankel Theatre for FringeNYC.

Click here to read it…

Special Sexy Hugs for K.W.,


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My Molly!

It’s a match made in heaven…  I had the good fortune of being interviewed by the one and only Molly Equality Dykeman about my event in the FringeNYC this August. I had no idea she was literate enough to hold down a blog, but sake’s alive, she is! It’s incredibly flattering – please see it below!

MOLLY “It’s August in New York which means it’s time for The New York International Fringe Festival. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be seeing some shows, interviewing some of my favorite artists and eating a lot of nachos. First up is my friend Doris Anderson who I met at The Javitz Center when they were having a Lesbian Convention. I was immediately drawn to her cause she’s hot, has a funny accent and is very funny. We recently meet at Washington Square Park to talk about her new Fringe Festival show. We were going to meet at the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center which she runs but I can never find it. It’s probably for the best cause she only has one folding chair.

MOLLY’S Q TO DORIS: Where exactly is the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center located and does it have a gift shop?

DORIS: We are located on Avenue C in Alphabet City in the East Village district. We’re in a small alleyway near the used bicycle store. We currently don’t have room for a gift shop on our card table. But this fall, we will be adding a second card table and will have a new and used consignment store!

MOLLY: Sweet. I’ll stop by when you get the second table up and running. What is your Fringe Festival show gonna to be like?

DORIS: If I could describe what this event is going to be like, I’d be a liar if I didn’t say: **SEXY**. This is going to be THE lesbian sensation of the season! I know some people are worried they will be forced into a spoken word performance interpretation of the classic play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” but au contraire! Lesbians and their admirers will be entertained about numerous hot topics including the Gender-Queer Revolution and receiving insider tips on getting lucky with the ladies. And Molly, I am expecting a lot of out-of-towners at this show. It’s gonna be like shooting fish in a barrel for you.

MOLLY: I may have to be there every night. I do like fish in a barrel. Where do you get your hair done? Have you ever thought about getting a mullet?

DORIS: I am a do it yourself gal when it comes to my hair, and frankly, I do quite a good job with it.  I have never, ever thought of getting a mullet. But I can’t say how much I admire gals like yourself who put it out there and parade your mullet with pride!

MOLLY: You’re so hot Doris. You  would look good with any type of hair. If I were to take you on a date would you eat nachos, chicken fingers or some tofu crap? DORIS: If? You better take me out on a date. I prefer chicken fingers, but would be happy to nibble on your nachos if you are so inclined.

MOLLY: You can nibble on whatever you want my darling friend. For more info on “IN HEAT: Is She Hot Under Her Collar or Under Her Skirt?”, check out the info here. I’m lookin’ for a new lady so I might be at every show.”

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Temporary Expansion of Dating Pool in the Tri-State Area for Lesbians


Sisters! Check out the news in Velvet Park on how you can cash in on some dating opps this August at FringeNYC!

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Come to NYC!

Sisters, I have kicked up my campaigning a notch and utilizing YouTube to spread the word: Lesbians – come to stay or come to visit, but whatever you do, come to New York City.  We need to add to the dating pool, here.

If you need to be enticed, please view my video sponsored by the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center!



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Who wants to see my solo, spoken-word interpretation of Tennessee Williams classic play, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?” I’ll tell you who: no one. No one but the adjudicators at the New York International Fringe Theatre Festival. Folks, I have pulled off such a coup and landed a performance slot in FringeNYC this August 10-26. But what I am REALLY going to do is premiere my LIVE public access show for lesbians!

That’s why I have been away from my blog for so long as I have been in the underground getting this all together, and goodness, has it been a handful.

So folks, please visit the official website for my FringeNYC “show” IN HEAT: IS SHE HOT UNDER HER COLLAR OR UNDER HER SKIRT? 

What’s hotter than August in NYC? Me.

Sexy Hugs,


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See Me in Person! Monday, May 9th – 6:30pm – NYC

Circle this day in red: MONDAY, MAY 9TH 2011

If you live in the New York City area, or have the means to commute here, please put all your other plans aside and come be part of the live studio audience for my inaugural cable access broadcast about the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center!

Join me while I roll out all the stops on the fabulous resources for lesbians, that you can’t find any place else!

Now you may be a couch potato and are saying to yourself, “Why come in person when I can see it from the comfort of my own insular and isolating home?  Besides, I’ll be having my period.”

First of all, unless you have a metal plate in your head, I doubt you’re gonna get the kind of reception you’ll need to pick up this show.  This is a cable access show, run by volunteers, and who knows who might flip some wrong switch?

Second and more important:  Isolation is the silent killer for lesbians. And really, there’s no known cure for it if you let it go on for too many decades.

Third, when aren’t you having your period? (And anyone over the age of 58 who still claims to have their period – Isolation is gonna finish you off soon.)

So whether you are pre, peri or post menopausal, please sisters, come to the Self-Identified Lesbian Community Center’s first ever cable broadcast show!

It starts at 6:30 p.m. sharp.  (It will end by 7:45 p.m.)

Location: 15 W. 28th Street on the 3rd floor in the TADA Theatre – NYC.  (The cross streets are Broadway and 5th Avenue.)

Apparently nothing in life if free, and the theatre is charging a $10 entrance fee per person in order to provide folks who will turn on the lights and try to make it homey. Unfortunately, none of the money is going to SILC so those theatre folk better keep a lock on the cash box so my sticky fingers don’t get into it!

And, I promise to personally provide refreshments.

You can get your sexy hugs in person on Monday, May 9th at 6:30 p.m.


P.S. Please help spread the word!

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Lesbian Apathy

Please see this article from our brave sisters at The Seattle Lesbian.

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